We build with safety and cost efficiency on every project

Pro Finish Construction offers qualified expertise and meets the demands of your project needs every step of the way.

Commercial & Hospitality

We provide new project development projects build up and building restoration solutions for commercial properties including retail, professional office buildings and hotels.

Industrial Projects

Our workforce provides solutions for industrial projects that require attentive personnel and safety oriented work environments to reach your goals and obtain quality results.

Government & Public Works

Pro-Finish Construction has an extensive history in serving the government sector and public works division including bridgework, historical building restoration and more.

We take building new projects to a whole new level

Our engineering and construction solutions are backed by qualified experience and intuitive project management. We work closely with your management team to ensure that every project expectation is met in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Initiatives that make a world of difference in the work we do

Our company focus is based on safety and cost-effective development

We nurture the value of job site safety standards

Every job and every person involved needs to be safety oriented at all times which is why we provide continuous safety training for our workers in and off the field.

Cost-effective estimating processes

Cost will always be a top priority for achieving the desired results for every job which is why our estimators work diligently to provide the best cost solutions.

Client satisfaction and meeting expectations

Every detail on every job considers the client and their satisfaction level from estimating to project completion for a completely satisfied experience.

About Pro Finish Construction

Through our people, projects and partnerships, Pro-Finish Construction connects businesses and communities to advance economies and employment. We create choice and opportunity on a local and global scale.

Building a better world is our purpose. We care deeply about safety and seek to drive quality and efficiency in all that we do. We behave ethically, inclusively and responsibly for a brighter future.

We support our clients in solving critical challenges. We operate throughout the project lifecycle, from conceptual design, engineering, procurement and construction to the operations and maintenance of facilities.

Clients, governments, partners and communities trust Pro-Finish Construction because we are here for the long term – delivering successful projects of both scale and significance for more than a century. From the spark of an idea to a project’s completion, our team delivers professional and technical solutions with world-class expertise.