NACE Certified Inspections

The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) has a rigorous and comprehensive education, testing and evaluation criteria it utilizes for their Certfied Inspector Program (CIP). Pro Finish Painting has a NACE Level III Certified Inspector that can inspect for manufactures warranty & our Quality Assurance Programs.

Pro Finish Painting offers third party independent inspections and a variety of professional services related to coatings, linings, secondary containment, fireproofing and floorings in all of the industries we serve.

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Pro Finish Painting is your Partner in Asset Protection and our Added Value Services Include:

–Project Design and Specification Development

–Project Cost Analysis

–Material Selection and Evaluation

–NACE Certified Inspections and Project Management

–Facility Asset Condition Assessments and Logistical Support

–Coating Maintenance Priority Scheduling Audits

–Hazardous Materials Testing and Evaluation

–Failure Analysis Investigation and Consultation

–Litigation Support and Expert Witness