Immersion Coating

Pro Finish Painting provides immersion coating and corrosion services for a variety of clients including nuclear utilities, fossil fuel power generating stations, dams, large aquariums, and marine facilities.

Immersion service environments place unique stresses on coatings. Solventless, or 100% solids epoxies are the coatings of choice for critical underwater coating and coating repair applications. Epoxy coatings are copolymeric meaning they cure by the chemical reaction of two substances. Generically, 100% solids epoxies undergo a reaction caused by a curing agent (such as a polyamide or polyamine) resulting in a cross-linked polymeric structure. This produces a very strong corrosion and abrasion resistant barrier. Solventless epoxies are able to cure underwater because none of the coating components are water miscible and no air or solvents are required in the curing process.

Immersion epoxies are used to coat bare substrates as well as to extend the service life of existing coating systems. They can be applied over virtually any substrate. In addition to the repair of existing coatings, underwater epoxies have been used successfully to repair leakage at cracks in concrete pools and carbon or stainless steel liners. TFT epoxies are well suited for this type of repair.

Formulated for rapid curing at high film thickness, strong bonding capability, and extremely high film strength (some formulations contain Kevlar® fibers), they can be applied to actively leaking cracks with excellent results.