Electrostatic Coating

The Electrostatic Painting Process provides a spray booth quality finish on site with little or no overspray. Process testing has shown that up to 97% of the paint sprayed can hit the target. The efficiency of the electrostatic paint process means that both product waste and clean up time are reduced. This lowers costs for us that we can then pass on to our customers.

The products themselves are terrific! We use a two component polyamide epoxy on interior surfaces. It is unequaled in adhesion, chemical resistance, and durability. The high solids in this product allow for excellent coverage. For exterior surfaces we use a catalyzed acrylic urethane. This product offers excellent weather and UV ray resistance. It also has excellent color and gloss retention.

Purchasing new equipment is expensive. With electrostatic paint, our customers can still have their older equipment look like new. This can help them maintain the professional appearance their customers have come to expect from them. I’ve also noticed that when companies purchase used equipment and apply a long lasting electrostatic coating, their employees and machine operators seem to have a greater sense of pride and do a better job maintaining the equipment.